Oh the embarrassment!

Today I wanted the ground to swallow me up!!!!!!  I really want Austin to be Christened so decided I really needed to go to church.   I took all 3 kids with me and although they were very well behaved…no screaming or running around etc…. but oh my God they were embarrassing!!!!!!!!  It was a very musical service and the church was quite full so when it was hymn time it was a bit loud.  Caitlin put her hands over her ears and declared it was too loud.  This probably would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been for her fog horn of a brother next to her who decided to join in at full volume plus a bit!!!!!  And anyone who knows Noah in real life will know full volume is quite substantial!!!!!!  Obviously he didn’t know the words but made his own up and caught a couple that were being sung!  I really struggled not to laugh at this bit…

He also kept shouting “he said Noah” to the priest which he didn’t…I’ve no idea what he said that Noah thought sounded like his name!!!!!  Then it was time to pray…cue people closing their eyes… cue Noah saying quite loudly and definitely clearly…why is that man asleep!!!!!!!!!!  Said man was actually a woman and I had to explain she was praying….  One hour later and the torture was over!!!!!!!  I really hope I don’t have to go too often….I’m not sure I can take the embarrassment!!!!


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