Another party…

This morning we went to Caitlin’s school fair.  I’d forgotten how expensive school fairs are…there are a million things for everyone to do and buy and since it’s all in a good cause you feel obliged to do lots!!  Today there was a donkey ride..Caitlin wouldn’t go on but Noah did….


…and he loved it!  He kept saying how he liked donkeys all the way around!  We also had a go of the tombola, the raffle, bought a cake or 2, a keyring, some burgers……  Also Austin had his photo taken in an Austin!!!  No idea how that will turn out..the guy taking the photo’s showed me one and it really didn’t look good!!!!!!!

After the fair we went straight to Katie’s birthday party.  We couldn’t make the actual party but Gemma said to just come afterwards to play and for BBQ.  Caitlin and Noah had a great time playing with Katie and Abigail…


And of course there was cake…..


Noah made quite a mess with his…..



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  1. Funny how school fairs can cost so much, think we spent about 20 odd pounds last time and it was terrible. Very little there but could not stop spending money

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