Today is our wedding anniversary and we’ve been married for 5 years.  The “gift” for this year is something wooden.  With a new baby, birthday’s, Fathers day, the house etc etc we hadn’t got around to getting each other a present…..  But it would seem Stockport Council thought they would take care of it for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We applied a while back to replace our windows at the new house with uPVC windows with the old stained glass encapsulated in them.  Our adjoining neighbours have exactly that, carried out by the same company that we were proposing to use so we assumed our application would breeze through.  Nope!!!!!!!!!  They rejected us and said we had to have wooden windows!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can appeal but we are now at the stage where an appeal will delay the kitchen and so our moving in!   I’m sure that since a precedence has been set with next door we will get it granted eventually but its another hassle we don’t need.  For the time being we are going to have to do the kitchen in wooden windows and then replace them again once any appeal has been granted….not good!!  So thanks for our wooden present Mr over zealous conservation officer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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