They sounded like a swarm of bee’s….and Caitlin ran away!!!!!  Noah just covered his ears…he obviously didn’t like the noise but couldn’t be drawn away from the racing!!!!


..They were strange little space framed cars racing and they were quite loud!!

Noah much preferred the minis racing and when I tried to get his picture during that he kept getting distracted by it!!


Austin also like his first grass track mini races – although on his photo I think he looks like an umpalumpa…aside from he’s not green obviously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin also liked the minis – check out her new funky leggings!!!!!!  She is fascinated by them…they are a bit wild but not surprisingly I LOVE them…I think I have a stripe addiction!! 


An added bonus of going to watch the grass track racing is that it is very close to the airport so Noah could even watch the planes taking off as well!!!!!!  When we got back they helped to wash “Gan” (Richards Megane).  It was filthy as grass track racing is very very dusty…tonnes of mud and soil dust all over everything!  While Richard was busy washing….it all went quiet!  Always a bad sign…and when he went round to the other side of the car…Caitlin and Noah were busy washing the back seat with their bucket of water…it is very wet…….



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3 responses to “Bzzzzzzz

  1. Austin looks adorable all bundled up. Just love the leggings although i would of thought they were tights, i love funky tights.

  2. SCM

    Love the car seat washing – made me laugh.
    Photos too.

  3. Vic

    I love the pic of Caitlyn and Austin. Sooo cute.

    And I agree, stripes rock.

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