Dresses, cake and a floor!!!

Today we have been to the Trafford Centre to return some shoes and while we were there we did a bit of testing out for Caitlin’s bridesmaid dress.  She is going to be a bridesmaid in October and can not wait!!  Alex has chosen a freya dress and it looked really nice on….


She also asked me to try on any other dresses just in case but there was only one other that didn’t have a colour in it…and given her colour scheme is purple and green a pink dress would not look good!!  (It was a horrible pink anyway!) 

After shopping we called at the new house to see Nanny and Grandad who were busy painting and digging drains!!  Nanny had made a fathers day cake so after a few attempts we got the dad’s to the cake before Noah blew the candles out!!!!!!


Talking of candles reminds me of something funny that happened at Harry’s Christening which I forgot about…. During the service Noah noticed the candles on the other side of the church and stood trying to blow them out from about 15 metres away!!!!!!!!  He tried for ages but not surprisingly he didn’t manage it!!

Richard has been working on insulating under the floor in the new house as we are having floor boards we insulated underneath so they aren’t drafty.  All of the floor boards are now back down following that and of course the joist replacements….  It looks so different with the floors back down.  Caitlin and Noah were very impressed with the space to run around again….


We just need to sand and stain them now……



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3 responses to “Dresses, cake and a floor!!!

  1. Teddy

    Lovely dress, she looks adorable. Love the candle story. xx

  2. aaaw she looks so pleased to be wearing the dress! She misses Caitlin and Noah terribly- she was crying yesterday saying she wanted to go over and play w/ them. LOL she didn’t understand why we couldn’t just jump in the car and see you. Happy Father’s Day!

  3. SCM

    Liking the candles and dress.
    Purple and green sounds unusual. Hope you post photos as I reckon everything will look great.

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