Austin does a lot of sleeping….  It’s pretty much all he does!  He is the sleepiest baby I have ever come across.  He sleeps all day and all night maybe waking up for the odd 5 minutes!  I tried to get a picture of him in my bed like one I have of Caitlin…


Surprisingly he stayed asleep even while I moved him around and pulled covers up and arranged giraffe’s etc!!!!!!


Then this evening he has decided he is going to do some awake time!! He has been awake for a few hours now just kicking the toys on his seat….


…he seems to like the toys and seems to actually be reaching out for them….



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4 responses to “Zzzzzzzz

  1. Teddy

    Adorable photo. xx

  2. OMG he is so cute- I can’t wait to see him again. Is that bouncy chair new?? I love it!

  3. SCM

    Very cute indeed

  4. Yep…new chair (my aunty got it for us)…all stripey to go with new stripey blanket..I’m trying to blind people with all the stripes lol!!

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