We’ve been watching mini’s race…  A couple of times a year we set up a tiny course in the pub car park and race our mini’s around timing everyone to see who is the fastest!  We haven’t done it for ages and so last night was “auto test” night!  Noah was in his element!!!!!!!!  He has been excited about the racing for DAYS!!!!!!  We were getting a bit worried with the rain as we thought it might get cancelled but the rain had stopped in the evening so it went ahead!  There were some smokey mini’s…


…I’ve never joined in with auto test because I’m always worried I’ll break my car!!  In the past Elvis was our only car and so to break it would have been a disaster!  Even now I need it to get to school!  Noah loved watching them race and had a good look round them all too!!


The other day I asked Caitlin what she wanted to be when she grows up and she said the tooth fairy!!!!  I then asked Noah and he said he wanted to be a mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think we can safely say he has been brainwashed!!

We took Austin outside to watch for a little bit but it was getting a bit chilly so he didn’t stay long.  He was awake though for a change so he did see it….not sure if he was impressed….


And another photo of Austin just because he’s growing so fast and changing all the time!!


He’s gone quite spotty so I hope he clears up soon…..  I can’t believe he is 3 and a half weeks old already…that’s nearly a month!!!!!!  Time is going so quickly!  He is still sleeping well and seems very content…



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7 responses to “Zooom….

  1. you can change the date of the posts. when you’re writing the post look over at the top right hand corner and you’ll see the date and time- you can edit it there.

  2. Hmmm could just be being blind but I can’t see a date….. Thanks though I’ll get Rich to look!

  3. Ahhh I’ve found it now Thank you!!!!!!! I was trying to do it with a new test post but you can only see it once you have published a post!! I have a feeling I’ll use that quite a lot in the future!!!!

  4. Vic

    Oh the mini racing sounds like fun. Noah is in good company. Oscar wants to be a plane when he grows up, and if not that, a train, bus or coach.

    I know we completely failed last time, but are you free at all this weekend? I would love to meet Austin. 3.5 weeks already. Blimey. How fast does time fly!.

  5. you can do it before you post it too- it’s under publish immediatly EDIT- click edit and you can then change the date. You can use that to post into the future too (LOL I think!)

  6. You can!!! Wow you are so much better with wordpress than me…all I can do is type and add tiny pictures lol!!!

  7. SCM

    Sounds like you all had a geat time.

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