Too many stripes?

Is there such a thing as too many stripes??  The video below says maybe yes!!  It makes your eye’s go a bit funny!  I put Austin on our new blanket (which Richard thinks is too girly..I love it!!), in a stripey sleep suit…..but unfortunately got part of our stripey rug in as well….way too many stripes in too many directions going on!

Aside from the stripes what I was actually videoing was Autin straining wriggling about – he looks like he is trying to roll over!  I’m sure he isn’t he’s just trying to get comfy but it looked quite funny to me!   Caitlin and Noah were both strong babies but I’m sure Austin is stronger…

Today we’ve not really done much… Noah slept in until 8.15am which is unheard of for Noah.  He was even last up…Richard was first at 4.30am followed by Caitlin, Me and Austin at about 8am and Noah last at 8.15am…no idea how long he might have lasted without us 3 making noise!  We rushed off to playgroup once we were ready and then it was school time….

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  1. SCM

    I love the colours and stripes.

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