This weekend has been non-stop!  We got up early on Saturday to go over to my Mum’s so that Austin could meet the rest of my family.  First he met my Aunty Tina who’d come over early to meet him as she was out later on.  Then we had some dinner – and Noah ate lots of cakes!  Then my Mum’s cousin Donna and my great Aunty Peggy came to meet him, and the lady across the road!  Austin as usual slept through the whole day!!  Only waking up occasionally to ask for some milk!!  Peggy nearly didn’t get a hold as she said she would wait for him to wake up!  Me and Donna tried to explain he would stay asleep if she just picked him up and eventually she did and sure enough he stayed asleep!!  After they had gone Amy was just on her way home from work so we waited for her.  Caitlin and Noah went out to play in the garden…after a while we realised it had gone very quiet so I went to investigate and found this…..


….they had both taken their shoes off and were sitting bare foot in the soil!  Noah had had socks on and they had taken these off too and were busy filling one sock each with soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They were filthy and so they had a very quick rinse down in the bath!!!!!!!!!

Once we had seen Amy we headed off home where Noah had to change his clothes and then we headed straight out for a 30th birthday party!  Sure enough Austin just slept and Caitlin and Noah had a great time dancing on the dance floor!!


Sunday morning was an early start as I was being Harry’s Godmother and it started at 10.30am!!  It was quite a long service but Caitlin and Noah just about stayed still for all of it with a bit of help from 2 boxes of raisins each!!  Austin of course just slept!! 


We then went out for a meal and then rushed back for a viewing on the house…  It seemed to go really well actually!  The woman even said it was the nicest house they’d seen so far…so fingers crossed!!



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3 responses to “Non-stop….

  1. It sounds like you are settling into being a family of 5 really well , hope you are enjoying it.

    Oh a few weeks ago at my mils similar thing happened with my girls, i thought they were upstairs with there dad but were out the back playing in the soil. Both with no shoes/socks and Eilidh was having a little “snack” blah

  2. Teddy

    Wow, I am tired just reading that!!!!!! Love the sock story. M and C once covered themselves in a whole pot of sudacream – they said it was ‘suncream’! At least their skin was very nice for a while. xx

  3. SCM

    Love the story/photo about the soil.
    Sounds like busy, busy, busy weekend.

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