Back to school!!

This morning we had a visit from the health visitor…it was pretty uneventful really she just waffled on about stuff we already knew like lying them on their back to sleep and also asking her cryptic questions to establish if you have post natal depression.  Once she had gone we headed down to our local play group to introduce Austin.  We then discovered that it is closing down because the church doesn’t have a treasurer.  I didn’t fully understand the reasons but as we’ll be moving away soon anyway we wouldn’t have been able to go as much so it doesn’t really affect us.  It will be a shame though as it’s a pretty busy play group and it’ll be missed by lots of people.  We have been going since Caitlin was about 4 weeks old….

This afternoon was back to school for Caitlin!  I gave her a photo of Austin to take but she asked if she could take him in to meet everyone so we took him with us when dropping her off (Richard was at home I wasn’t intending to leave him behind lol!!)  She seemed very proud as she was showing her photo and him off!!  I stood outside talking to her teacher for a while as her friend had had a baby on the same day Austin was born.  When I was done I realised Noah wasn’t on the slide where I thought he was…turned out he was sat with all the other kids in Caitlin’s class joining in with their welcome song which Caitlin has taught him!!!!  He really can’t wait to go to school!!  Caitlin then burst into tears when she realised Austin wasn’t staying at school with her!  Aside from his name which she is warming to she really does love him to bits….

And here is a photo of Austin just because we haven’t had one for a few days….



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  1. SCM

    I like the idea of taking Austin in to show him off.

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