The girls get creative!!

While Noah and Austin slept today me and Caitlin got creative!!  Caitlin decorated a vest for Austin.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but every time I asked her she was either engrossed in something else or just didn’t want to draw.  It is so so cute!!!  I wrote Austin for her and she wrote over it, then she drew a picture of her and Austin holding hands…..


…then when I took a photo of him wearing it she insisted on lying next to him and recreating the picture!!!!!!!!!

I made Austin a pair of trousers as I couldn’t find what I had imagined when I was in town yesterday!  They seem to fit ok but I can’t find my elastic so I can’t do the waist band just yet.


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2 responses to “The girls get creative!!

  1. SCM

    Love the photo

  2. soooo cute! Is she warming to the name yet?

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