Crawl, crawl, crawl!!

Babies are born with a crawling reflex which they lose in the first 4 weeks….  Austin’s is particularly strong.  This morning I put him on a blanket and then me, Noah and Caitlin sorted the rubbish and took it out to the bin.  When we got back Austin had “crawled” about 40cm right off the blanket!!!!!!!!!  Neither Caitlin or Noah did this it’s amazing to watch him shuffle his way along!!

I also forgot to get down his weigh in on Saturday…. He had put on 4 oz!!!!  Again babies are supposed to lose weight but not Austin..he had put on an amazing 4oz..he’s going to be a little chubby one just like Noah!  At least it confirms my instinct that he has no problem with milk!  Today though he was weighed again and he has lost a little bit but given his initial gain they aren’t concerned….I think its all that crawling!!  So on day 10 he is now 9lb 3oz.  His cord is still attached so the midwife couldn’t discharge us and is coming again on Tuesday.

His sleeping is still going well, he was a bit unsettled last night but still good I think.  He usually wakes once a night around 3 or 4am and then goes down again until around 8am.  He’s awake a bit more in the day now it’s gone a bit cooler and seems to like lying on his tummy usually joined by both Caitlin and Noah!!



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3 responses to “Crawl, crawl, crawl!!

  1. He is a strong one! LOL it’s a good thing we didn’t leave him alone on the beanbag! I need pictures!

  2. Vic

    Aww B, he sounds fantastic! 🙂

    If you are able to manage, can we pop in tomorrow evening, around 5? Just for a quick visit to say hello to Austin? We’ll be gone by 6!

    Let me know if that is doable. If not, maybe we can pop in on Sat PM (after Didsbury Fair…or at Didsbury Fair if you fancy a trip out!)

    Linda, hope all going well stateside. 🙂

  3. Teddy

    What a star. My little – not – chap did not loose any weight at all either! Glad he is doing well on the milk and sleep front. I am sending a little something in the post, so keep an eye out.

    Love to all xx

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