Day 6 an outing to Tatton!!

Yesterday we went to the classic car show at Tatton Park…it was scorching hot and Caitlin’s shoes ended up rubbing her feet but apart from that we had a good day.  It was packed as the weather was so good, and I forgot my camera which I was very annoyed about but I got a couple of bad quality pics on my phone..just need to download them!

We bought Austin and “Austin” badge while we were there for his bedroom and I took his photo with an Austin Mini!  Noah had a great time sitting in ALL of the racing minis on the grass-track racing stand!  We really will have to take him to see that, it’s quite close up racing and I think he will love it!

Caitlin was a bit quiet all day and refused to say Austin’s name!  Whenever we asked her what his name was she just said I don’t know…then if we said yes you do it’s Austin can you say Austin she just replied… I don’t like Austin its not a good name….  She keeps kissing and hugging him so she does like him…but she’s not happy we’ve changed his name from “the new baby” to Austin!  I hope that passes…..

Photo’s to follow when I download them!!


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  1. Cannot beleive how much your blogging with a new baby . Love the name and i loved your birth story , im addicted to them.

    Oh 8 months on and Ru is mostly called baby still by the girls . Becca has started calling him Ruaridh Graeme the last few days and it prompted Eils will call him Baby Graeme but she will not say Ruaridh at all.

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