Day’s 4 and 5!

Day 4 started well with Austin waking 3 minutes before Richards alarm clock went off!!!!!!!  So as full a nights sleep as he would have got for Richard!  Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get Caitlin and Noah to go back to sleep so I had to get up with them at 6.30am!!  Still can’t really complain…getting a lot more sleep than most people with a newborn.

In the morning we just played in the sun in the garden and some friends called round so I entertained Austin inside with some head up practice…he’s very good at lifting his head just like Caitlin was……


After dinner Nan arrived which Caitlin and Noah were very excited about and Nan had a few cuddles with Austin.


After Caitlin and Noah had their tea Nan bathed them and put them to bed and then we had some champagne to celebrate Austin’s arrival!!!  The next day Nan did loads of gardening for us and planted some sunflower seeds with Caitlin and Noah…


At tea time Spam, Cath and Harry came to visit for a BBQ.  I very stupidly thought I could get a photo of all 4 kids….I didn’t do too badly but its not great!!


Caitlin and Noah were both exhausted by the end of the day…and quite dirty from all that gardening and water fun!!


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2 responses to “Day’s 4 and 5!

  1. He is sooo strong! LOL I couldn’t believe how much he was moving at 12 hours old!!!!

  2. SCM

    He looks huge and almost like he’s crawling in this photo.

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