Day three…

God we’ll be into the months by the time I catch up with the days!!!!!!!

Day three began with Austin waking at about 4am which was again really good, but I knew Richard was due up for work really soon so I gave him a dummy and held him off until Richard had got up and then when he stirred I fed him.  He then went back to sleep and when Caitlin and Noah came in around 7ish I managed to convince them to get in our bed and go back to sleep!!  We all finally woke up properly around 8am (which was still a bit early for my liking!!)

As Richard was in work we didn’t really do much other than potter around the house and do a bit of tidying.  Once Richard got in we decided to go bowling!  You can just about see the lane behind him!


The guy serving us at the bowling was amazed at how old Austin was and how I didn’t look like I’d had a baby 2 days earlier which was nice!!

I did however discover why “normal” people don’t go bowling on day 3!!  After a few bowls I began to feel like my pelvis was all coming detached!!!!!!!!  I felt all wobbly and as if my hips might disconnect themselves and later on I was very achey!  We had a great time though and Noah won by a mile!!!!!  He did have barriers up though!  And I came 2nd despite my hips falling apart!

Then it was home and time for tea and more Britains got Talent!!!!


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2 responses to “Day three…

  1. glad to see you’re still human- take it easy. Everytime we drive by there Es says she wants to go bowling w/ Caitlin and Noah!

  2. SCM

    Hope your hips and pelvis are feeling more normal.

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