The boy’s!!

Another quick one for a photo of the boys together!!

Noah finally woke up and once he had got over the excitement of the presents Number 3 had brought him…juice and chocolate…his 2 favourite things which he rarely gets as I’m mean!!  He wanted a hold….


….I think we’ll have to be careful though as you can see in this picture he lifted little number 3 right up off his knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Still working on a name…he’ll have one soon……  Richard says I have to decide by tomorrow but I can’t promise!!!!  I hate choosing names I feel like its such a huge responsibility and I can pick fault in them all…too common, too ordinary, too weird, doesn’t go with King etc etc… I can’t see I’ll have decided by tomorrow but I will try….



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3 responses to “The boy’s!!

  1. LOL Noah is such a goofball- look at that smile! I don’t think he could be any more excited. He looks very pleased with himself in the second photo!

  2. Teddy

    You have got to call him Cooper……..Will you rename your blogg now that you have 3? Which address shall we send a little something to? xx

  3. SCM

    Lovely photos.

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