The 3rd King

Just a quick post with a photo until I get chance to get it all down!!


Things started getting going very slowly on my due date…. and then finally a little boy was born in the pool at home at 9.06pm on May 25th.  He weighs 9lb 2oz so a tiny bit smaller than his big brother, he looks very similar to him and all of his vital statistics are very similar…he is 1cm shorter and his head 0.5cm smaller.

So far he seems very content and like his brother enjoys his food!  He fed just before bed at about 11pm and we had to wake him for a feed at around 8 this morning.

Caitlin and Noah went to Louise’s just after their tea last night and stayed over since things weren’t all done before bedtime!  Noah has been hilarious apparently and asked for special treats at bedtime!!  He is so cheeky and obviously thought it was worth a shot since he was in a new place!!  He also happily accepted no as an answer which was good!  He then also asked for ice-cream for his breakfast….I suppose it’s credit to him for trying!  Once we (well mainly Richard) had cleaned away the pool Louise brought them both back, although Noah fell asleep on the way and is still asleep!

Caitlin keeps saying the baby is very cute and has had a little hold!


She is now happily playing with all the goodies the 3rd King brought her, while the 3rd King continues to sleep!

Just because I like to record odd facts….  Being born at home means you can do weird things straight after the birth like weigh myself!!  I know it’s a strange thing to do but from Saturday to just now I have lost 10lbs.  I find this very strange and it’s what happened with Caitlin…I haven’t lost enough to account for baby, placenta, water and blood….  and I also haven’t eaten properly for days so makes little sense but sure it will work itself out!



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6 responses to “The 3rd King

  1. Vic


    Congratulations to you all.

    He is gorgeous. Let me know when you can face a visit!!

    Vic xxxx

    PS Can’t wait to hear his name 🙂

  2. Aaw he is sooo cute- I can’t wait to meet little Cooper Austin Zander George. Hope my photo hats fit!!

  3. SCM

    He’s beautiful! Congratulations x

  4. Im guessing from Lindy his name is Cooper and he is adorable , hope you are enjoying your new boaby

  5. Vic

    Laura, I don’t think she will call it Cooper. We were trying to persuade B because of the minis, but she won’t listen to us! he he he!

  6. Teddy

    So cute. Good on Noah for trying for ice-cream for breakfast. What a fab idea. Cannot wait to find out what ‘Cooper’ is really called. I do actually like that name. xx

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