Nando’s and nesting!

Caitlin has been nesting for Britain!!  Not that its doing any good… Every day since D-day she has been scrubbing the table and the place mats with a wipe!!


They are now lovely and clean, well as clean as things like that get with a smeary wipe!!

Yesterday Richard went to the new house but didn’t really get much done as he can’t concentrate and is constantly watching his phone for the call!!!  To be honest it looks like this little one is waiting for next Thursday which I am not happy about!!  Linda brought me a pressy of raspberry leaf tea and the tablets I’ve been taking those but they aren’t doing anything!

The only thing I have done differently this time is not go to Nando’s for me tea…so we went there last night and true to form it made me choke and made my eye’s water but I’m still here this morning…..


Caitlin thoroughly enjoyed hers until Noah started complaining his mouth was hot then she said hers was too!!!!  Noah totally takes after me with spicy food etc…he is a wuss!


Caitlin takes after Richard and even eats whole (skin included) lemons…yuk!!!!!!!

So here we are D + 2…I have never been so overdue and it is not nice!!!!  Its the not knowing that is driving me mad…..  And also I have plans for next week…..



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2 responses to “Nando’s and nesting!

  1. Listen here baby king iii, it’s time TO COME OUT!! I’m going to America a week on Tuesday and I have to meet you before I go!! Don’t forget to pencil me in for a few hours for a newbie photo session!! LOL I have 20 hats she needs to try on!

  2. SCM

    Does gin help?

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