Happy due date….

ring ring, beep beep, “you got mail”, etc etc…….  Nothing not a thing……..

I can not believe I am going to be late….I don’t do late!!!!  I agree with Linda – her lateness is rubbing off on me :-)!!!  I’ll be having words with her once I have popped and have my energy back!!!

Watch this space it HAS to be soon…….



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2 responses to “Happy due date….

  1. Happy Due Date 🙂 Cannot beleive you made it this far either, although i am hoping your holding baby in your arms now.

    Oh i had a dream about you though , well your blog . I checked into see the baby announcement and you had a girl called Gina ????? She was 8lbs something….very detailed dream i know lol

  2. SCM

    We’re D+1 now.
    Come on No3!!

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