Almost due date and still here…

…and that is not good!!!!  I can not believe I am still here and with no baby (well not on the outside!)  I was so convinced it would be here by now!  I know there is still time for it to be today but its not looking likely!  I just wish I knew when it would be…if I knew it would be another week at least I could make a mess and not worry about the midwives complaining!  I also want to know if its a girl or boy!!  Maybe its a boy and its not coming out til we’ve picked a name…..  I just can’t pick it will end up being a forced decision which isn’t good either!

Today play group was cancelled as there was an open day at Caitlin’s school, so we went to the open day instead!  Noah had a great time until we went into the gym and they were doing trampolining and he couldn’t have a go…he just kept saying over and over how he wanted to take his shoes off….  Then we went to see the hydro pool which was boiling hot..and again Noah wasn’t happy he couldn’t get  in and swim!!  He did get to play in the ball pit though which he enjoyed and also the light room.   Caitlin’s school is a special needs school which takes mainstream children for the nursery part so most of the open day was concentrating on the therapy side of things.  One of the classes was doing what they called deep pressure therapy which is supposed to be very calming…and Noah did seem to find it calming and asked for more!  All they do is put pressure on your joints with Noah they squashed him with a gym ball which he loved, then pulled all his fingers and swung him by his hands!  I’m not sure if Noah was supposed to be joining in but him and another little girl who was visiting both got a turn while the actual kids in the class sat and watched/rested!!

Tonight I have altered some premature baby clothes for 2 dolls I have bought for Caitlin and Noah from the new baby!  It was loads cheaper to by proper baby clothes than dolls clothes but they were a bit big so I have taken them in a bit……  So now even the dolls are ready for the new baby so COME ON OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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6 responses to “Almost due date and still here…

  1. Richard

    3 hours until we move to my guessed date 🙂

  2. Vic

    Ugh, I know the feeling well.

    COME ON BABY. Mummy has had enough of you on the inside now!!!!

    Take care

  3. Teddy

    HURRY UP BABY!!!!!!
    Thinking of you. xx

  4. hurry up baby Zander!! LOL maybe if we name him he’ll come on out!!

  5. SCM

    If baby waits til Sunday you could name him after the footballer who scores first.

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