Someone is using the pool….

……but it’s not me yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still 3 hrs til Thurs and since I’m hoping for a nice 10 min labour (ha ha ha!!!) I can wait a little bit yet!


Caitlin and Noah have had a fantastic time bouncing about in there!!!!!!  It all got very giddy though and there were lots of crashes into each other so I had to take them out in the end…

Today was also possibly my last afternoon outing with just Noah…..  We went to total fitness the free soft play centre but I think Noah has gone off it…he has asked to go home the last 2 times we’ve been there…..


I have also put my steriliser on so the bottles will be ready very soon!!  Assuming I have remembered how to use it properly… I can’t remember how much water you are supposed to put in!!!

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One response to “Someone is using the pool….

  1. SCM

    I thought the pool would be bigger.

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