Meet Mary…..

….she’s a bit naked at the moment but I have great plans for fluffy pink accessories and glittery bits and bobs for her………..





but here is one of her first photo’s………….



….she’s my little fairy “Mary the Fairy” that I bought at the craft show and I plan to make more!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think she needs friends of different sizes too……


So nope yesterday’s puking etc was not a sign….no real signs either!!  Sorry if I got you all excited, but trust me I am more fed up of this waiting game and the text’s and calls than you lot :-)!!  I did have a midwife appointment today and all is well.  I was even brave enough to ask her for a guess on the weight and she said between 9 and 10 lbs so we shall see.  Lets hope she wasn’t just being polite and hers is more of an informed guess than Louise’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still a day and a half til my guess at the date …Linda’s has been and gone sorry Linda!!  Only hours til Laura’s guess…I hope she’s right and it does happen that soon…but we shall see!!  Let’s hope Richard is definitely wrong as his is too far away!!!  I could stretch to mine and SCM’s guesses but now is preferable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One of the Mum’s at Caitlin’s school, who seems to be fascinated by how high my bump is (even though this one is loads lower than Caitlin or Noah were..), is convinced my bump has dropped….doesn’t feel it to me….surely I would be able to tell????

Even Caitlin has taken to talking to the baby…she keeps rubbing my bump (I make a special concession for her normally I don’t allow touching!!!!) and saying come on baby your chair is ready – we have the car seat in the living room all ready for that first mini trip!!!!

So anyway…hope to have better news than the arrival of Mary the Fairy (or any of her friends) VERY VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!


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One response to “Meet Mary…..

  1. SCM

    Mary the Fairy is ace.
    Maybe you could pretend to forget about No3 and then baby will complain and pop out to say ‘Here I am!’

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