A sign…..

…I’ve never had a sign before…but surely this is one????  Noah has just puked all over the floor…the carpet obviously!!!!!!!!  And it was a really stinky one!!  I really can’t deal with sick and was very nearly sick myself!!!!  Give me blood and guts any day!  Noah was obviously hysterical because he felt sick, Caitlin was hysterical because “stuff came out of Noah’s mouth”…..  Oh joy….  So sods law says I’ll go into labour whilst mopping up more sick later??!!

I suppose I should count myself lucky in the past 3 and 3/4 years I have never had to deal with the sick before!!  Well aside from getting myself undressed as they always seem to puke on me!!  Either Richard or my Mum has always been there to clean them and the bulk of the sick up!!!!!  Great timing Noah!!!

Noah is now lying on the settee looking ghostly pale…please please don’t let Caitlin get sick too….well at least not until I have back up!  Also please don’t let Noah be sick again until after 11pm!!!!!!




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2 responses to “A sign…..

  1. Teddy

    Not what you need now! Well at any time really, but especially now. Look after yourself and give hugs to the little ones. xx

  2. SCM

    Was it??
    Hope Noah is feeling better and Caitlin didn’t catch anything.

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