….well in the past few days I have established that fresh pineapple is horrible and doesn’t work to bring baby King’s out!!!  It has also given me heartburn, but Caitlin and Noah are loving the left overs!!!

I think I had already established when I was virtually due with Caitlin that shock doesn’t work either….  Our boiler exploded while I was sitting a few feet from it.  And I’m not being melodramatic …Richard nearly had a heart attack (although he was a lot closer than I was), our next door neighbour came round to check we were ok and a random passer by also knocked on the door because he had seen flames coming out of the vent and heard the “explosion”!!!!!!!  Me being a professional plumber etc diagnosed dust in the boiler being responsible…turned out I was right.  But back to the story…it didn’t make me go into labour!!

Linda (from Chronicles of Squidgyboo – link on the right!!) changed the colour of her little girls eye’s and hair on her her blog so I asked if she could turn Caitlin brown….

Brunette Caitblog

…and oh my God I think she looks scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She looks like one of those scary porcelain dolls!!!!!!  But no sign of imminent labour following that frightening sight!


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3 responses to “Shock…..

  1. I’m sure one of those professional photoshop whizzes could make Caitlin look fabulous! I should go looking for one where she is smiling at the camera and her face isn’t sooooooo glowy! LOL I think it looks like a mug shot!

  2. SCM

    She looks like she’s coming to get you!

  3. Thats a polite way of putting it!! I can’t stop laughing at it…she just looks sooooooooo scary!!!!!!!!!!!

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