Bye Nan!!!

This morning we waved goodbye to Nan….  She’s done tonnes on the baby’s room..all the nasty bits – just the easy bits left, so her help has been brilliant.  Before she left there was just time for one last play and a picture….


…so Daddy dropped her off at the station and then headed off to the house to finish his wall off…..


…tomorrow he is hoping to call the electricians to come and finish off the last few plug sockets that you can see on that wall and the supplies to the boiler and cooker then we can have our certificate that we had to hire them in to get!!!!

Me, Caitlin and Noah stayed home and emptied and dismantled a wardrobe ready for Richard to move over to the new house tomorrow!!  We had got as far as emptying it before the viewings then had to refill it…. now lets just hope we don’t get another viewing too soon as Noah’s room looks slightly messy!!  I also sorted out some of my photo’s into albums….just got the last year to do now!

For tea we all had fajitas….you have never seen such an excited Caitlin…she said about 50 times how much she loved them and how delicious they were!!!  She had 2 and a half full wraps worth!!!!!!  And she wanted more but we’d run out after that!!  Noah had 1 wrap but just kept saying my mouth!  Think he meant it was hot and tingling!!  Its ages since we all had fajitas..we’ll have to make it a regular night like pizza night…..



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2 responses to “Bye Nan!!!

  1. SCM

    I like the fajita bit

  2. Teddy

    We adore fajitas as well. It is one of C and M’s fav meals. We also stole your idea of pizza, so yummy made with the breadmaker machine.

    Looking forward to first baby pics when the latest addition decides to make an appearance.


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