Trips and bouncing!!

Today was Caitlin’s first ever school trip.  She went to the town hall for story time!!  She had to dress up as a princess, and I was a bit worried when I dropped her off and no-one else was dressed up….but when I collected her they all were dressed up.  I couldn’t figure out the theme though…I was just told yesterday last thing to bring her as a princess today if I could remember, the others all seemed to be doctors or have white aprons on??!!  Ah well she likes dressing up as a princess and seemed to thoroughly enjoy her trip!!


After school we went to Lucy and Ed’s house for a play and some tea.  Noah had a good time swinging….


and they both really liked bouncing on the new trampoline….


…then they all pulled funny faces for me….


For pudding after tea we’d taken strawberries and ice-cream.  It doesn’t matter what we take we never get it right for Lucy…she is the fussiest pudding person I have ever met!!  One of the first things I took was a cake with a jam filling….nope she doesn’t do jam, banana muffins…nope – no bananas etc etc and now today she doesn’t do strawberries or even strawberry flavoured (fake) ice-cream.  She wouldn’t even try it cos it was pink……  I think I’ll just stick to decorate your own gingerbread men…..

While we were there we discovered Tiggy the hamster had gone awol!!!  And we’d had the door open for ages….. fingers crossed she gets found!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the house front…Nan is surviving staying in the new house and has been working really hard on the baby’s bedroom….it’s very close to being ready for paint which is amazing as it had had a wall replaced and so needed a lot of prep work.

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  1. SCM

    Princess Caitlin and her handsome helper.

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