Random baby stuff….

Just spoken to my sister in law about newborn things and it made me think that I’m assuming I’ll remember all about number 3’s pregnancy when realistically in 20 years time, which is when this blog is really for, for when number 3 (and Caitlin & Noah) want to read about when they were little, I’ll have forgotten it all!!  So here’s some random stuff just “for the record”….

This little one is more lumpy than Caitlin and Noah…by that I mean you can tell which way it is lying in my bump….  (I said this was random!!)  From what I can remember it kicks harder, but not more often than the other 2.  I think Caitlin kicked the most out of her and Noah, but it was just general kicking feelings in my bump, whereas with number 3 you can see the kicks more.  I’ve not been woken up by any kicking with any of them, but maybe that’s because I sleep soundly rather than they don’t kick in the middle of the night.  I remember Caitlin kicking in the evenings and this one does too, I can’t really remember there being any pattern to Noah’s kicks, but I also don’t remember him kicking much at all….

My one symptom I have is restless legs….its basically where your legs feel all twitchy and you can’t keep them still.  Its really hard to describe, but I had that with both Caitlin and Noah as well although only in the evening and when I go to bed.  It feels worse this time but that might be because Richard now works shifts so he goes to bed early one week in three so I can’t fidget in bed and as with everything like that the more you try to keep still the more fidgety you feel!!!

I don’t have specific cravings…haven’t for any of them.  I do really fancy chocolate and sweets but I do most of the time!! I just use pregnancy as an excuse to eat more of them so I’m not sure that’s a genuine craving….  I did go off chicken and jacket potatoes when I was pregnant with Caitlin but only if I cooked it myself.  It didn’t make me feel sick or anything I just went off the idea.  Even after she was born I just didn’t fancy those and still don’t….

At mini club tonight everyone is having a guess the weight sweep stake type thing…and so they were quizzing me on previous weights etc…..  So just for the record again for future reference…. With Caitlin I put on 1.5 stone and had lost that within a week of having her, I vaguely remember only losing about 7lbs immediately after the birth which was quite weird since she weighed 7lb 12!!!  I think it might have been all the water I drank during labour??  With Noah I put on exactly a stone and about an hour after he was born I had lost 1.5 stone.  So far this time I have put on 12lbs…who knows what I will lose or not lose after the birth!!

I can’t think of any other random things to do with this pregnancy (or the others)….


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3 responses to “Random baby stuff….

  1. Vic

    OOOH its getting close now!

    I had restless legs. Its horrible isnt it!

    I did a bit of googling when I was pregnant and it did suggest bananas as they think it might be lack of potassium that makes it feel worse. But I have a suspicion that you don’t do bananas!!

    I also found if I kept drinking water it seemed to make it feel better. Ugh. I do get it now, very rarely, and its never as bad as it was! 🙂

    My guess is boy, 8lb, 17th May

  2. you could combine chocolate AND bananas! Choccy ice cream and sliced bananas! Good thing I don’t have any ice cream in the house!

  3. Oh yes I do like bananas and choc with bananas…but not ice-cream…not a big fan of that. I do sometimes eat ice-creams as in cornettos etc…but its never as nice as I think…. Same with choc cake…LOVE choc but not in cake!
    Might try some bananas though. Never get my twitchy legs outside of pregnancy…disappears as soon as I’ve had the baby…so not long more of it!

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