More decorating…

Today Nan arrived to help out with some decorating.  She’s planning to stay the week but sleep at the new house!!!!!!!!!  When me and Richard stayed the weather was much better and we only stayed one night…..this afternoon when I was there it felt very cold!!  We’ve taken 2 duvets and a blanket but I hope she takes us up on the offer of coming to stay at ours!!

We went out to our new local for tea…we’ve been going there a lot. 


They only do a carvery but it is very nice!!  Then we walked back to the house and left Nan in the cold!!!!  Hope she’s ok…..

Talking of the house… Richard has pretty much finished the gas pipes and most of the central heating is done too…just the scary job of hooking it up now.  He has pressure tested it and it seems to be leak free.  The kitchen diner now has all of its underfloor insulation in and floorboards down ready to be sanded and stained once the hall and living room are done.  The baby’s bedroom is also finished with regards to plastering and walls being replaced and just needs decorating which is what Nan is working on tomorrow – polyfillering any holes, papering and painting!!

This afternoon we went for story time in the library, it was a man doing the story time and he was fantastic!!!!  He really got into the stories doing all the voices and actions (quite loudly!!) – Noah loved it!!  He also read some dinosaur poems and got them all to roar loads!!!!!  Noah roars a lot anyway and so had a great time.  There were quite a few people in the library who did not enjoy story time though….



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3 responses to “More decorating…

  1. SCM

    Love the faces in the photo

  2. SCM

    ps Hope your Nan keeps warm

  3. Poor Nan slaving away decorating your house and then sleeping in the cold!! Better get over there w/ some nice hot tea for her in the morning.

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