17 days to go…..

……til D day!!  I had a midwife appointment today and I don’t know how but I managed to see a different midwife again….  In all my pregnancies I have only ever seen 3 midwives twice each I think!!  So that’s a lot of different midwives I’ve seen!!!!  I know we live in a city but I didn’t realise how many of them there must be to see that many.  I wonder if I’ll get anyone I know for the birth….not that it bothers me if I do.  A nice one would be nice but they’ll be gone soon after the event so its not that important!

Anyway today’s appointment was as usual uneventful…no problems, heartbeat was 162…usually they don’t tell you the actual figure just if it was ok….no other problems, head is 2/5th engaged and BP ok.  I also ordered my gas and air although I hope not to use it.  I’m not a martyr to the pain but I just remember feeling so clear headed after not having any with Noah compared to really spaced out after Caitlin that it would be nice to feel that clear again.  Although if things drag on I will be taking all the drugs available!!!!!!  Although that’s only gas and air and paracetamol!!

So as of 3.5 hours time it’ll be 16 days to go…or 15 days til I think it will be…..but ready now so no point waiting the 15 days!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “17 days to go…..

  1. Well I’m still going for the 14th! Hope it’s quick and relatively painless!!

  2. 17 days ….going to be here before you know it . Are you looking forward to having a newborn around the place again?
    I think i saw a diffrent midwife each time when i was pregnant but in labour got one i had seen alot when pregnant with the girls . It was great.

    Oh i hated having the gas and air in the house , it took up so much room and was never touched. If somehow i ever got pregnant again i would refuse it, never liked it at all.

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