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Our visit down south!!

We’ve been down south to visit the new addition to the family!!  As expected Noah was smitten with his new cousin and gave her too many kisses!!!!  Caitlin also said baby R was very nice.


And its true…little R is totally gorgeous and seemed very content.  She hardly cried at all while we were there and was even unfazed by Noah’s kisses and cuddles.  She settles really easily after her feeds and is a very cute and happy baby.  She also seemed so tiny, absolutely perfect but dinky….but I suppose for me and Richard that is in comparison to chubby Noah who had the chubbiest thighs and even cellulite when he was born!!

I can now reveal Caitlin’s present which went down well…..


…she had coloured some vests for her!!  Its quite hard to draw on fabric as it moves but from the left they are baby R, some flowers and Caitlin & Noah!!!  I did have another plan from Caitlin but I think she’s too young for it so I’ll keep it in mind for later…

And the bit I made a little sneaky peek!!  I made her some building blocks with her name on….  I love the colours and was quite pleased with how they turned out….



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Choo choo!!!!!!

We were supposed to be going to the park today but it was pouring down here this morning so we changed our plans to a garden centre visit!!  It has a train ride and also some sheltered bits in case the rain continued….  Seems the rain was only by our house because although it was a bit windy and grey it only rained while we were in the loo!!!!!  Caitlin said she didn’t want to go on the train but as Noah was desperate to go on I made her and she loved it!!!!!  As a special bonus and to prove I really do go on all these trips here is a pic which has me in it!!!!  Thanks to Linda for taking it as its not too bad which is quite a complimentary thing to say since it has me in it!!!!!!


The train takes you all around the garden centre and takes about 5 minutes, just long enough for the kids.


After the train ride there was a little play area where you could drive your own train!!  It was a really simple push forward to go forward and back to go back lever….  But getting them to actually do that was quite hard and the first trip along the track (which we couldn’t really get to) was just us shouting “no keep pressing it”!!!!!!!!  They had a good time though and by the 2nd trip they’d got the hang of it!!


After all that playing we went to order our carpets!!!!!!!!!  They are getting fitted next Tuesday and I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really must go finish off that painting tomorrow!!


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Party time

For tea tonight we went out celebrating Lucy’s birthday!! 


We had a separate table for the kids which was really weird as Caitlin and Noah have never really sat on their own before but they were perfectly behaved and ate all their tea without any fuss!!  Since Caitlin has been ok with bits and bobs of milk I decided that she could have some ice-cream with everyone else….  What a complete mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!  On the way home she started screaming (as in ear piercing type of screaming!!) and saying her tummy hurt and her mouth itched….there was also a lot of very evil smelling gases coming from her!!!!!  By the time we were about three quarters of the way home she had started to swell up, had developed a rash and was sweating!!!!  So I stopped off at the chemists who sold us some piriton which seems to be working……  She has still been sat on the loo for a while but I suppose she has to get it out of her system still!!!  Very strange as I thought she was growing out of it but it would appear she’s not in the clear just yet!!!!

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Housey update!

The bathroom is coming along nicely…the tiling on the walls is done and grouted!!!  The ceiling is also done so just the panel to go on the side of the bath to do, floor to lay, taps to chose and fit and the loo and sink to fit!!  So well over half way….. 


We were initially going to go for exactly the same tiles as in our current bathroom but then Richard found blue mosaic’s for 1/10th of the price so we’ve gone blue…..


We’ve also tiled (well Richard has tiled – we have chosen to tile) the whole bathroom again as its easier than skimming the walls and makes for easy cleaning!!!!  Can’t wait for the bathroom to be done then it’ll really feel like we’re on the home straight!  And if the worst comes to the worst we can move in with a bathroom…..  You can always cook in a microwave and wash dishes in the bath but you can’t live without a loo!!!!!!


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Mini’s v Beetle’s

Today we have been to York to watch the mini’s battle it out with the beetle’s…..  Noah had a great time, he got really excited when we saw about 30 motorbikes on the motorway – he is in love with motorbikes at the moment!!  At this point I realised I’d forgotten my memory card for my camera and being Easter Sunday a replacement was quite expensive (but hey you’ve got to take photo’s all the time in case the kids do anything really funny haven’t you!!) !!  And also not very big so I had to set my pictures quite low quality so they’re not brilliant!!  Then my batteries ran out so Richard was not happy – but he love a good moan about my camera disasters!!!!!!!  Then when we got to the track and there was mini’s and beetle’s, his 2 favourite cars, racing he came close to exploding!!!  This picture is a bit blurry but you can really see the excitement!!!!


Caitlin also had a good time watching the racing but also liked playing in the grass….


There were only 2 mini’s from our club racing today and unfortunately both lost their races against their beetles.  I didn’t think I’d get away with racing really, although to be honest its safer than driving on the motorway since there’s no other cars to cut you up or brake too hard etc, but I don’t think other people see it that way…  Tony was racing when he finally found his car…how he managed to lose it we have no idea but he did and missed his first qualifying round but they let him catch up!!  Caitlin and Noah were very impressed that they knew one of the racers…



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Protected: Creative Caitlin!! (Sorry family only on this one due to names, will reveal snippets once gifts have been received!)

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Happy Easter!!!!

Caitlin and Noah have been opening Easter presents!!!  On Wednesday they got some presents of Nanny & Grandad and also Amy…..


…inside their parcels from Nanny and Grandad were limited edition mini coins!!!!  I didn’t even know they were making them, but apparently they have a few to chose from all for the mini’s 50th birthday.  From Amy they got card games.  After opening their presents they played shop…..


Then today we got a parcel from Nan and inside Noah was very pleased to see a Thomas sticker book….


…I’m not sure if you can see the impression on his face but it is one of absolute delight!!  Caitlin got a puzzle, she said she wanted a puzzle from the new baby as she is really into jigsaws at the moment so she was also very chuffed with her pressy!!


Earlier today we went to the new house where Richard got on with a bit more tiling…the hard bit around the bath where he had to waterproof it first.  My Mum and Dad also came over and they painted in our bedroom so that is extremely close to completion now..I might go tomorrow and finish off its so close!  Caitlin also stayed and helped with the painting while me and Noah went out looking at storage solutions to fit in any gaps we have!!!!!!!!  I can’t decide if I should hold off on any decisions for 6 weeks and then decide based on putting either 2 boys or 2 girls in the bigger room…or to just let Caitlin share with the baby (she is desperate to share with the baby) which makes furniture layouts a little bit easier…..

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