Mary the fairy and Friends!!

Today I went to a craft show…it was brilliant!!  There were so many bits and bobs there I could have bought all sorts!!  But I was very restrained and only bought a mini stamp…I have been looking for a mini stamp for years..they are impossible to come by!!  I also got a butterfly template and a chicken template which I am going to make with Caitlin to decorate her bedroom….and also a template set for Mary the Fairy!!  She is gorgeous and if I get time to make her and a few friends for her I’ll post pics!!  I got to make a butterfly at the show and that was pretty easy so Caitlin should be fine with those, Mary looks quite complicated!!

Also at the show (all photo’s stolen from Linda as I didn’t take my camera…Thank you Linda!!) was a display of recycled car parts….


….and a knitted picnic…I really want to make some of these they look brilliant!!!!!!!


I have way too many projects on my wish list!!!!!!!!!  Ah well……  There was also a woman knitting on MASSIVE needles which I’d like to have a try at too….just need to get Richard to make me some giant needles!!!


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3 responses to “Mary the fairy and Friends!!

  1. the knitted picnic area was fantastic- must have taken them years to do all that!

  2. Teddy

    Adore the picnic. It is stunning. xx

  3. SCM

    I love the fish

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