Park and moving!

This morning we moved our first items into the new house!!!!!!!!!  I have to point out that this makes it seem like we are close to done…we’re not its just 2 simple rooms are done and while I have a spare seat in my car (before number 3 claims it) I’m taking bits and bobs there!!  So today we took some books and toys….  And then we used our blow up sofa bed to eat lunch!!


I then also tried to build a set of shelves that my Mum and Dad brought over for us that they had been storing…. Unfortunately we have 3 sets of shelves the same or so I thought…. 2 sets are the same but I had 2 right hand sides to those and no lefts…and the other set has different fixings to hold it together and I thought I had the 2 sets of fixings for the other shelves even though I had all the parts for the 3rd shelves…..  So no shelf building!!

In the afternoon we went to the park to enjoy the sunshine….


Its a park near to the new house which I hadn’t been to before and its really nice…there’s a duck pond, play ground, nice surroundings and a nice old hall….  The ducks are a bit nasty to each other though and while we were there we saw a group of them trying to kill one of the others…they were stopped by a passing bloke kicking them off it!!!!!!!!!

After the park we went back to the house to double check the shelves as they were bugging me….and I discovered the odd set out of the 3 did have the fixings with it so I could build that set….  So now their room has some shelves….


Both Caitlin and Noah had a great time playing with the big box of cars I’d taken and also on Caitlin’s new slide bed….


…I tried to get a photo of Noah but mine was blurry…but Caitlin got a good one….


I can see that slide may ruin our fantastic record of never having any trouble getting them both to go to bed and stay in bed!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Park and moving!

  1. Teddy

    Looking good. Love the cabin bed. I bet they will love it. xx

  2. LOL that bed looks sooo cool! It’s a good think it’s Caitlin’s bed, I don’t think you’d have a hope in hell of keeping Noah off that thing all night.

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