Look what we got…….

……… A LOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The bathroom is really coming on…there is running water in the bath and a fully functioning loo!!  Which is great since I have no idea how to get Noah to wee outside!!  Caitlin I am fine with I just make her do what I would do…but Noah ……its just a disaster!!  I either tickle him and so he just laughs or if I hold him flat but facing down he just won’t do anything!  No wonder really he probably wonders what on earth I am doing to him!!  Luckily he can hold it for ages so there have been no accidents but at least now he can go to the loo when we are at the new house!!

Also today we have had the carpet fitted in two of the bedrooms so I can start moving things in and organising those rooms….


Caitlin now has a bed frame and a storage unit underneath!!  And we have…



…well carpet!!  And a bit too much of it!! We were supposed to be keeping the tiles in front of our fireplace visible but they’re not….  Not sure why just yet as I had to delegate the carpet fitting supervision as I had a midwife appointment…..  Tomorrow I am hoping to get the shelves built in Caitlin and Noah’s room and then I can bring things to put on them and some toys that will be stored/played with under the bed!!

As for my midwife appointment it was as usual very uneventful aside from the fact I forgot my notes and since a lot of the check up is checking nothing has changed since last time she couldn’t really do it but had to rely on the fact I told her my BP etc was normal….



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5 responses to “Look what we got…….

  1. SCM

    Coming along nicely

  2. Yay for loos! I heard the mini pull out this morning! Thanks for the clothes I left grabbed a few things but most of it went down to Cate.

  3. Yah for the loo , an essential for a heavily pregnant lady i think

  4. Vic

    The house is coming on a treat! I am very impressed!

    As for boys and natural breaks… I sort of grab Oscar under his knees (or just above), carry him and lift his knees upwards, making sure his willy is pointing downwards, away from my shoes, his clothes and anything else of note!!!

    I wish he would do them standing up… but it is nice that he doesnt miss yet!!!

  5. Thank you for the tip..I’ll give that a go next time….
    As for me..I am lucky in that I don’t need the loo any extra even at this late stage of pregnancy!! Not sure how I do that other than carry very high…but I also don’t get heartburn so where baby is pressing is a mystery!!!

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