Totally transport….

We don’t want to totally brainwash Caitlin and Noah (honest!!)…so today we’ve been to a general transport show!!  It’s for all types of transport from steam engines to motorbikes to modern cars (although there are very few modern cars really thank God!!)  We went with the mini club and Noah and Caitlin were both fascinated by the steam engines….


….its so hard though to get their expressions and the thing they are looking at all in one shot!!


There were also articulated lorries there, they were a couple of years old but polished to death as we could take photo’s in their wheels…..


Noah was convinced the wheels were mirrors and stayed looking in them for ages!….


Half way through the day was a parade of all the vehicles and the mini’s were really close to the front.  We did a circuit of about 2 miles but as the steam engines were at the front it took us an hour!!!


As we were going so slowly I let Caitlin help me drive!!  I chose the exact moment we passed loads of police standing at a junction making sure the traffic had stopped for us but they didn’t seem to mind that she was sitting with me which was lucky!!


So that’s now three whole days we’ve spent away from the house so it’ll be back to it for both of us tomorrow since we need to make sure the 2 bedrooms are clear and floors clean ready for the carpets on Tuesday!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Totally transport….

  1. Richard

    I dont think people will believe that we’re not brain washing 🙂

  2. who are you trying to fool?? Their first word was ‘mini’ wasn’t it?!?!!

  3. Looks like fun for them ,did they enjoy it? Seems like its something different and interesting for them to do

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