Party time

For tea tonight we went out celebrating Lucy’s birthday!! 


We had a separate table for the kids which was really weird as Caitlin and Noah have never really sat on their own before but they were perfectly behaved and ate all their tea without any fuss!!  Since Caitlin has been ok with bits and bobs of milk I decided that she could have some ice-cream with everyone else….  What a complete mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!  On the way home she started screaming (as in ear piercing type of screaming!!) and saying her tummy hurt and her mouth itched….there was also a lot of very evil smelling gases coming from her!!!!!  By the time we were about three quarters of the way home she had started to swell up, had developed a rash and was sweating!!!!  So I stopped off at the chemists who sold us some piriton which seems to be working……  She has still been sat on the loo for a while but I suppose she has to get it out of her system still!!!  Very strange as I thought she was growing out of it but it would appear she’s not in the clear just yet!!!!


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  1. OMG! poor thing I hope she feels better soon.

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