Mini’s v Beetle’s

Today we have been to York to watch the mini’s battle it out with the beetle’s…..  Noah had a great time, he got really excited when we saw about 30 motorbikes on the motorway – he is in love with motorbikes at the moment!!  At this point I realised I’d forgotten my memory card for my camera and being Easter Sunday a replacement was quite expensive (but hey you’ve got to take photo’s all the time in case the kids do anything really funny haven’t you!!) !!  And also not very big so I had to set my pictures quite low quality so they’re not brilliant!!  Then my batteries ran out so Richard was not happy – but he love a good moan about my camera disasters!!!!!!!  Then when we got to the track and there was mini’s and beetle’s, his 2 favourite cars, racing he came close to exploding!!!  This picture is a bit blurry but you can really see the excitement!!!!


Caitlin also had a good time watching the racing but also liked playing in the grass….


There were only 2 mini’s from our club racing today and unfortunately both lost their races against their beetles.  I didn’t think I’d get away with racing really, although to be honest its safer than driving on the motorway since there’s no other cars to cut you up or brake too hard etc, but I don’t think other people see it that way…  Tony was racing when he finally found his car…how he managed to lose it we have no idea but he did and missed his first qualifying round but they let him catch up!!  Caitlin and Noah were very impressed that they knew one of the racers…




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2 responses to “Mini’s v Beetle’s

  1. SCM

    Noah would get on well with my brother and his friends. They all have road and off-roaders and go out riding most weekends.

  2. good god I love that kids goofy smile!! LOL looks like he had a blast. Caitlin looks like she doesn’t have a care in the world playing w/ flowers

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