Happy Easter!!!!

Caitlin and Noah have been opening Easter presents!!!  On Wednesday they got some presents of Nanny & Grandad and also Amy…..


…inside their parcels from Nanny and Grandad were limited edition mini coins!!!!  I didn’t even know they were making them, but apparently they have a few to chose from all for the mini’s 50th birthday.  From Amy they got card games.  After opening their presents they played shop…..


Then today we got a parcel from Nan and inside Noah was very pleased to see a Thomas sticker book….


…I’m not sure if you can see the impression on his face but it is one of absolute delight!!  Caitlin got a puzzle, she said she wanted a puzzle from the new baby as she is really into jigsaws at the moment so she was also very chuffed with her pressy!!


Earlier today we went to the new house where Richard got on with a bit more tiling…the hard bit around the bath where he had to waterproof it first.  My Mum and Dad also came over and they painted in our bedroom so that is extremely close to completion now..I might go tomorrow and finish off its so close!  Caitlin also stayed and helped with the painting while me and Noah went out looking at storage solutions to fit in any gaps we have!!!!!!!!  I can’t decide if I should hold off on any decisions for 6 weeks and then decide based on putting either 2 boys or 2 girls in the bigger room…or to just let Caitlin share with the baby (she is desperate to share with the baby) which makes furniture layouts a little bit easier…..

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