We’ve been to Jitterbugs with Abigail and Katie….


….miraculously I managed to get them all looking and smiling and my camera didn’t go all blurry!!!  As it was school holidays we got turfed out after 3 hours so we had to find ourselves some alternative entertainment so we went to the park!!  They all had a great time running round and taking turns on the ladder climbing frame.  Gemma took a great photo of Katie with the blue sky in the background so I thieved her idea and got a great one each of Caitlin…..


…..and Noah….


..now if I had half a braincell I would have made them climb up together and would have maybe got a good photo of them both together!!!!  Never mind!!

On the way home we called at ikea to check out storage for Caitlin and Noah’s room and my new crafting cupboard, we also picked up the last bits of our kitchen.  Richard made a bit more progress with the bathroom tiling this morning…..not easy when he has to leave for work at lunch time so by the time he’s got to the house its almost time to come home and get cleaned up for work again!!


..its coming on nicely though… We’ll be in soonish…..


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2 responses to “Jitterbugs….

  1. Teddy

    Those photo’s are adorable. xx

  2. SCM

    They look great on the frame.

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