Today we have been to the airport viewing park to see the planes (or as Noah says..well shouted a lot really….airdapains!!!!!!!!)  I had totally forgotten how windy and cold it is there as its so flat and exposed  so we only stayed for a couple of hours.  Noah was in his element…he loves all things transport related if we decide to take a day off from house related things on Sunday to go watch the minis racing he might just explode!!  I’m not sure he was impressed at being sat the wrong way to the planes for this shot!!


We’d gone with Ed who we thought would be equally excited by the planes but he was more impressed with loads of space to run around in and being chased by Caitlin and Noah in between planes landing!!


Once the cold got too much we went back home and me, Caitlin and Noah walked to pick Lucy up from school while Ed had a hospital appointment and then we all went out for a pub tea.

Noah was exhausted and was almost asleep before I got him into his big boy bed which he slept really well in last might and just like Caitlin didn’t even get out when he woke up this morning just called for us…..


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2 responses to “Airdapain!!!!!!!!

  1. so weird I was going to go there today but decided it was too cold- LOL I hadn’t forgotten how cold it gets there!!

  2. SCM

    Ed looks like he gives good hugs. A proper cheeky face

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