The big bed swap!

Since Noah is still not weeing in his nappy at night and has had no day time accidents I figured he really should stop wearing a nappy in bed….  To make that work he really needs to be able to go to the loo if he needs to so out of a cot he has come!!  I wanted to keep his cot assembled though at least for a week or two so that if he messes about I can just put him straight back in and give up as I like my sleep!!!  I have been intending to move Caitlin into the cabin bed for a while so that I can take her bed apart and move it into the new house once we get carpet…so Caitlin has moved into what we call Nan’s bed as that’s where Nan sleep’s when she visits…..


She actually slept in there last night and was chuffed to bits to be in Nan’s bed!!!  And Noah has moved into a bed tonight….fingers crossed we have no midnight roamings!!!!!!!!


…he was also very pleased to be getting to sleep in a big boys bed but I can’t help thinking there is no way he’ll stay put all night and dread to think how early he’ll get up with all the excitement!!!



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3 responses to “The big bed swap!

  1. Teddy

    Congrats on the dry days and fingers crossed for dry nights. Very impressed. I have decided not to potty train Max until he is at least 18!!!!!!! He still has no clue what is going on below his stomach. xxx

  2. SCM

    They look very cute in their beds. Good luck!

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