Down on the farm….

Today we went to my old work to visit the farm!!  We are always slightly sceptical as to what really happens on the farm but the animals all looked very happy!!  We arrived and as expected Caitlin and Noah were a bit wary of the animals….  After a while Noah got a bit braver and stuck his head through to say hello to the lambs!  On this picture he was just saying “hello…. hello….” and eventually gave up and came back to me saying they didn’t say hello back!!


We then went on a tractor ride which took us all over site and took ages!!!!  They seemed to enjoy it though.  We then queued up to hold one of the new lambs….  the queue took ages but it was along side all the sheep pens so they both got progressively braver and even stuck their hands through to stroke one and kept asking over and ever again if they could hold one…


…finally it was our turn and …..yep you’ve guessed it… Caitlin screamed at the top of her voice when the lamb sat on Noah’s knee and then she ran away!  Noah saw Caitlin run away and as he picks up on everything she does he also ran away!!  I finally managed to convince Noah to come and sit by me and the 2 week old lamb…….


…but as you can see he wasn’t overjoyed!!  Shame really cos I got some half decent photo’s of them last year when they both happily stroked the lambs…..


(how much has Caitlin grown!!!!!!)


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  1. SCM

    Did you bring one home for dinner?

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