Off painting!!

Today we have all been working on the new house!  Well all except Noah, he’s not quite up to being any help!!  We got there and before we even got started Louise was driving past and spotted both our cars outside so called in and offered to take Caitlin and Noah for an hour and a half….  So I got on with coat number 1 on the ceiling.  Who said high ceilings were a good thing??????  I could barely reach which meant it nearly killed me!!  By the time I had finished the first coat I felt dizzy (again!!)  So off I went to collect the kids….  As Noah hadn’t slept yet he was exhausted and so I managed to convince him to have a sleep in the pram and Caitlin helped Richard with the tiling…


…she was in charge of passing the tile spacers!  I got on with the edges of the ceiling and then moved onto the second coat of the main bit!  Richard had skimmed the ceiling in the bathroom and as you can see above made a start on the bathroom tiling! He had to stop as he hasn’t got a decent tile cutter and we also haven’t chosen border tiles yet so he’d got as far as he could.  He then took pity on all my huffing and puffing on the ceiling second coat and finished that off for me…


…while I had a sit down and Caitlin did some scooting in her new bedroom…..


We are so close to finishing off our bedroom now…just the edges of the main walls which won’t take long, the picture rail and the edges of the ceiling may need one more coat.  So not too long til carpet!!



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3 responses to “Off painting!!

  1. SCM

    Getting closer!

  2. *sigh* you already have tile up?? I better go look for a decent kiddie slide to throw myself off of!

  3. Just remember and take it easy to, its great its getting done but mummy needs to rest sometimes (says me who was also busy decorating at 32 weeks pregnant)

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