We’ve been out to play!  Yesterday we went to play group and today we went to our favourite FREE soft play!! I’m sure I’m going to get collared for not being a member soon since I go so often…but its free and so easy!!  We met E and her and Noah had a great time….


I love this picture!!  They are both hysterical…can’t remember what was so funny but they both obviously thought so….  They also had a great time sliding down the slide…..


…needless to say that little trick did end in tears!!!!

This evening Catlin was sitting really quietly and I asked her if she was ok?  She said “yes I’m just sitting, waiting patiently for Daddy to play here come the girls”…  She had been sat for about 20 minutes waiting, so once Richard realised what she was waiting for he played her the song….


On the house front Richard has finished plaster boarding the bathroom and should be starting on the tiling and suite fitting tomorrow!!!!  Once the bathroom is in it will seem like a big leap!  We’ve also got our quote sorted for some carpet and he should be able to fit it at a weeks notice so I’m hoping to order that for the 2 bedrooms on Monday!!  Just need to make sure I get some painting done tomorrow now!!

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  1. LOL I thought Es was going to kill him w/ all her kisses!! I think they had a good time and I keep waiting to get busted but I buy a coffee almost every time I go so pffffft!

    Good luck w/ the bathroom- if you guys finish ANOTHER bathroom while I’m still working on my first I might just throw myself off a kiddie slide!

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