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Splish, splash, splosh!!!

WE HAVE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To normal people who have the luxury of running water in their houses this is probably a very weird post….but since we bought our new house we have had no water!  Every obstacle possible has stood in the way of us getting some…first we had old knackered pipes that needed replacing… Then we had a “very special” tree in the way which took 5 weeks to get permission to rip out!  Then we had weeks waiting for an inspection of the new pipes due to missed appointments and no other suitable appointments!!!  Then we’ve had to wait our turn to have the new pipes connected… And today they have been and connected us!!!!!!!!!!!  Or it could have been yesterday afternoon since neither of us were there yesterday!  Anyway…WE HAVE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can now check our new pipes for leaks and then fit a toilet…oh to have modern conveniences!!  And we can wash our hands and drink if we fancy it!!!  And of course water is esential for a home birth so you just never know number 3 may be born there…we shall see!!



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A bit of shopping!!

While Caitlin was at school today we did our tesco’s shop!  So exciting for Noah I know!!!!   We also had a few cheques and Noah’s birthday money to pay in so we went to the bank first.  On the way we stopped off and made our first purchase for Number 3!!  Well I suppose Caitlin’s bed was the first baby related purchase but this was the first thing that is actually for Number 3…..  And its so so boring!!  We bought a pack of dummy’s….


…they only had pink ones or blue ones so we had to go for the blue ones as we don’t know what flavour Number 3 is.   We have pretty much everything else we need and so that’s why we haven’t bought anything so far!  I have sorted through the things we do have and everything seems present and correct so there was nothing else to buy!   I have got a massive list of things I’d like to make for this little one but the chances of me actually getting time to do any of them is very slim!!  Especially since the list includes a house for Caitlin, a racetrack for Noah, a little something I am half way through as a half year birthday present for Harry (who is fast approaching 7 months!!) and a few ideas for Caitlin and Noah’s cousin who is due to be born soon!  Ah well……

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Story time

Today we have found a new thing to do while Caitlin is at school….we went to story time at the library.  It’s about a 15 minute walk from Caitlin’s school and the session is right in the middle of her school session so its very handy!  I’m not sure Noah was overly impressed by it I don’t think being part of a group (even though it was a very small group) being read a story really held his attention.  He did a lot of getting up and wandering off….  Mind you he’s not quite as struck on books as Caitlin is, he prefers to be up and about running around.  But it fits in really well with our day and he didn’t dislike it so we’ll try again next week. 

On our walk back we called into a toy shop which was really nice full of lovely toys!  There are quite a few nice shops on that stretch so we can call into one on our walk back each week too!!

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Just playing…

Today we’ve been out for tea and a play with Lucy and Ed…..  They all had a great time in the bath after they’d finished playing too!


Not really all that exciting but since I’d taken a photo which I hardly take any of at the moment I thought I’d post it……

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Plumbing and painting!

Last night we went to our new neighbours for dinner so Caitlin and Noah went to my Mum’s.  Dinner was very nice and it was nice to get to know our new neighbours better, I still can’t believe how friendly everyone is on our new road I can’t wait to move in.

Anyway as Caitlin and Noah were still at my Mum’s we both went to the house to do some work today.  Richard has now finished all of the upstairs plumbing and has put back most of the floorboards.  He just needs to paper behind where the radiators will go and then fix the radiators to the walls. 


I finished off the gloss work in Caitlin and Noah’s bedroom.  My Mum papered while we were on holiday and did the first coat,  Richards Mum did the second coats on the emulsion and ceiling and today its looking really good and quite complete!!!


The wall by the window is still not done as we initially thought we should wait until after the windows are done but we need to paper and paint before the radiators are fitted so we’ll just make good any problems that arise during the window fitting….    Once that’s done we are ready for carpet!!!!!  Now that the floorboards are down upstairs we can make a start on the decorating in our bedroom….


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Red noses!

Today is red nose day….  Caitlin’s school was doing a wear a funny hat day so we made a red nose hat!


….and here are Caitlin and Noah wearing their red noses!!


They really weren’t keen on wearing the noses but I managed to persuade them for just long enough to get a pic!!

While Caitlin was at school wearing her hat me and Noah went to a tots disco…it was a complete let down!!  The email had said it was from 1.30 til 2.30 which fits perfectly with dropping Caitlin at school at 1pm, but when we arrived at 1.15 she said “oh you’ve got 10 minutes left of the disco if you like”…..  Turns out the email has the wrong times on it!  We stayed and played anyway but its not a soft play I like as the kids play by the exit and the adult tables are through into another room away from the exit, so you can’t really relax without worrying they are sneaking out with someone.  So we won’t be going to the disco again which is a shame as it sounded so good….


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Three quarters done!!

The baby is now three quarters cooked!!!   I’ve not really got much to report as its all fairly uneventful which is a good thing!  My bump is massive as everyone keeps kindly pointing out!  My friend Louise also keeps saying its going to be 11lb!!!!  What a lovely thought….

I’m fed up of being pregnant now though, I really don’t like being pregnant even though I have no problems, no-one seems to understand that but never mind…..  But only about 10 weeks to go although that sounds like ages if you ask me!  I don’t do bump pictures so no photos for any of these updates!!  I think I have resigned myself to the fact we won’t be moved in time for his/her arrival which is a shame but I suppose it’ll be nice for all three of them to have been born in the same place!  Over Easter I’m planning to take Caitlin and Noah shopping so they can buy the baby a present, not that we need anything but I think it’s a nice thing for them to do.  They both seem to like feeling it kick and ask to feel it quite often.

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Spiders and playing

Early this morning I was woken up by Noah screaming the place down….as this is very unlike him I ran in to discover him sat in his cot hysterical saying “spiders in my grobag”!!!!!!!!!  I told him there weren’t any spiders in his grobag and that it was still night time and so to go back to sleep…..  Cue more tears about 10 minutes later with same problem, so I took his grobag off and showed him no spiders….  Another 10 minutes and this time tears because there were spiders under the covers I had replaced the grobag with…..  Again I said there are no spiders!!!!!!!!!  All very strange really as he’s not even scared of spiders that I know of anyway…  Am guessing its his imagination running wild.

After school today we headed off to play with Abigail and Katie, it was so quiet in their soft play, there were only 2 or 3 other kids there!  They all had a good time but it seemed to be over far too quickly as we are used to spending all day there!!  Noah got yet another birthday present, a shapes book which he was very pleased with…


…and Caitlin did some posing for me which is not like her either, normally she doesn’t co-operate with photos!!


…and as usual I tried to get a picture of all of them together!!!  It is so hard, but worth it as we have a record of how much they’ve all changed!!


Just think in 10 weeks we’ll have another one to add into the group shots….


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Pretty teeth…

This morning we went to the dentist and he said Caitlin had pretty teeth and Noah had handsome teeth!!  They both got a clean bill of health and just to come back in 6 months….  Caitlin was really happy to sit on the chair and was very impressed with her stickers, Noah refused to sit on the chair which is odd as normally anything Caitlin does he also wants to do!! He did sit on my knee though and was also impressed with his stickers…

This afternoon while Caitlin was at school we went out to play and Noah got more presents!! 


He got some cars and also a Thomas lego set.  Richard is very impressed with the lego as it is his favourite toy!!!!

It was quite funny E kept making Noah lie down and it looked like she was a magician about to saw him in half!!!!


She then said she was going to make him disappear and pushed him off the edge so he did disappear!!!  Noah seemed to enjoy it as he kept getting back on the block to lie down again!!

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There were FOURTEEN in the bed….

…and the big one (taking the picture)


said…. I love my new bed!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was my first night in it last night and it is so so so big and comfy!!  If I lie in the middle and stretch my arms out I can’t reach both sides at once its massive!!  And no lumps or bumps in the middle!!!!  Its great.


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