32 and a half weeks!

Today was my 32 week check up.  It was supposed to be last Friday but I’d had to cancel that as we were in Snowdonia.  When the midwife opened the door I realised it was one of the midwives who had come out after Noah was born, not the first to arrive who had argued about the time but the second to arrive!  When I said “oh you delivered Noah, well my husband delivered him but you arrived just after” she replied…”oh yes ******* Avenue”…  So obviously we had stuck in her mind!!  She then said she’d have to let Cathy know I was at it again!!  Cathy was apparently thefirst to arrive although I couldn’t remember her name.  Anyway…all is well and despite the fact my bump sticks out loads its still measuring correctly!  I also managed to remember to ask for my grant form so I should get a nice little cheque soon!!  Caitlin was fascinated to hear the heartbeat and they have both been feeling each others tummy’s all evening!

This afternoon we went for story time again, I’m still not sure Noah really likes the story part but he likes meeting E there.  Noah is still doing well with the potty training and has had no accidents for a few days now and is still dry at night.  I think we’ll keep an eye on the night time thing until we move and if he’s still dry he can move into a bed and out of nappies completely!  Caitlin did show some interest in me saying Noah could wear pants to bed once we move as we were getting ready for bed tonight so we’ll see if its made any difference tomorrow morning.  I can’t see it myself I think you either get or don’t get the night time thing, its not something you can influence….



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2 responses to “32 and a half weeks!

  1. what a bitch!! I can’t believe she said ‘she’s at it again” -that would have pissed me off. If you booked in CH would you change trusts and have a different midwife?

  2. SCM

    Totally uncalled-for attitude.

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