We’ve been on a little holiday to Snowdonia with the minis!!  Caitlin and Noah have been with Nanny and Grandad and potty training seems to be going well still!  And he’s still totally dry every morning…bizarre!!  I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do about that… Do I just not bother with nappies at night???  Is that not possible as he’s still in a cot??  I suppose I could swap him to a bed…..  But he sleeps so well I don’t want to jinx any of that…. 

Anyway…Snowdonia….  We set off on Friday and after our near death experience on a tiny weeny road we got to Snowdonia and to our house.  On the tiny road we were doing about 10mph having just got going again after stopping for a lolly-pop lady, we hadn’t actually been doing much more than that anyway as the road was really narrow.  Then we noticed a big yellow animal truck hurtling towards us not showing any sign of slowing down….  Fortunately minis are very small and so once I had veered up the embankment he just skimmed past us!  Poor Elvis was covered in mud but him and us were still in one piece!!  Lets just hope the lolly-pop lady and school kids were as lucky!  We were on our own as we’d set off a bit later than everyone else and when we got to the house and told them about the yellow truck they had also seen him flying over a cattle grid wheels almost off the ground….  Friday night was just about drinking really (although not for me) and guitar hero.

After a nice long lie in on Saturday morning we went to Harlech castle in the rain!!  Then went for pub lunch at the bottom of a very steep hill which came close to killing me off on the way back up!!  I had white pots in front of my eye’s when I got back to the house at the top of it!!!!  We then headed off for some bowling and go-karting – again no karting for me!!


I did however win the bowling out of my team, and even when all the scores were combined I still came second!!!  Once we were done with that the rain had stopped and so we headed back to the castle for some photo’s…


On the Saturday night we caused total chaos at the local Indian when we ordered a take out for 19!!  They couldn’t cope as the restaurant only seated 29 people and there were also 4 other families ordering take out!!  We eventually got our food which of course I had been sent to collect as the only person fit to drive!!  The other people in the restaurant luckily didn’t kill me when they realised I was the reason for their order’s being delayed!!

On Sunday we went for a drive in the Snowdonia National Park….


and just had time for one last photo of Elvis before we had to head off to collect Caitlin and Noah and for Richard to start his night shift….



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  1. SCM

    Sounds like you were very busy on your mini-break.

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