The flashbacks are lessening!!

I don’t know if its because I’ve done it before but this time isn’t as bad as I remember from last time….  Yesterday we had to rush out for the new house as the dip-a-door man was bringing the doors back at very short notice…so of course Noah refused to go on the potty…said he didn’t need it!!  So we had to just go… I’ve got a piddle pad to catch any accidents in the car.  Then of course Noah decided that was a great time to fall asleep…a definite accident I thought!!  So almost an hour later we arrive back home and I get him out expecting a clean up job….but nope…totally dry!!!

Later it was time for playgroup, so we set off with 4 changes of clothes just in-case…again it all went without a hitch and he went for 2 wee’s while we were there!!  I thought it was going to be an accident free day since those two challenges had been so successful, but it seems watching Roary has too much appeal and he couldn’t drag himself away in time!!  I was busy cooking tea and so had forgotten to prompt him and it started on route to the potty!!

Finally it was bed time and so day 2 ended with just one accident, but 2 very successful outings.  This morning I went in to get him and could not believe it when I saw his nappy from over night was totally dry!!!!!!!!!  Caitlin’s night time nappy is still full to bursting and so is a long time off being dry at night whereas Noah may just crack both at once??!!


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