Terrible flashbacks!!!

I distinctly remember just over a year and a half ago I swore I was never going through this again…… But no last night I had a moment of madness and decided it was cruel to say never…so I decided to be brave and put Noah in big boy pants!!!!!

24 hours later I am remembering how stressful I found it and I absolutely swear Number 3 is not being potty trained EVER!!!!!  I just find the whole “shall we try again” and “stay away from all things that might get ruined by being wee’d on” very stressful.

To be fair to Noah he has done loads of wee’s and even 3 poo’s on the potty and we are only on pants number 4 for the day.  Pair number 1 got wet when I left them in the kitchen unattended while I got dressed and I came back to find a puddle but also a reasonable size wee in the potty so he did correct his accident half way through….  Pair number 2 got wet when he was on the potty but it escaped over the top and got his pants wet.  Pair number 3 got wet when we were at the new house painting and he was gated in the other room, he shouted to say he needed a wee but it took me too long to haul my 7 month pregnant self from the top of the ladders and across the landing…the wee had started and not in the potty – although again only a little bit and then the rest was in the potty!!


Finally it was nap time and so pull up on after a potty trip, and 90 mins later it was bone dry…  Its mini club later so it will definitely pull up time again!!!

So all in all he’s done pretty well but I still hate potty training…….



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2 responses to “Terrible flashbacks!!!

  1. LOL best to get it done before the new one arrives! He looks soooooo haaappy to be sitting on the potty!

  2. Good luck with the potty training, yes it can be a fight and sort of worth it in the end. We are going to try with Eils soon hopefully

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