AA and school reports!

Today we went to drop Caitlin off at school as usual… And when we came back out Elvis was dead!  Absolutely nothing happened when I turned the key so I checked my battery and at first glance it looked like the positive lead had snapped off…. so I called the AA who said they’d be there soon.  I then went back for a better look at the lead only to notice it hadn’t snapped off it had just come out of the clamp.  Easy to fix but I had no tools with me….  So we waited for the AA, who were quick but not as quick as the last time I had battery trouble – I was a few weeks off having Noah and when asked if I was alone I said yep but I am almost 9 months pregnant…I have never had such a quick response from their patrols!!!!!  (And yes for those unaware of mini driving..I have called the AA A LOT!!!!!!!!!)

Noah was very excited when the patrolman came out and told him all about his AA motorbike at home and asked him all about what he was doing!  He has also told everyone who would listen that the AA fixed our mini!  We were fixed quite quickly so we made it to story time at the library which Noah seemed to enjoy a bit more this time!!

Then it was time for our “chat appointment” at Caitlin’s school.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect as it was only arranged yesterday but it seems they just wanted to meet with us and let us know how she was getting on…..  They said she has settled in well and her pencil control is great and she’s doing really well with her drawings, shapes, colours and letters.  They did say her numbers weren’t brilliant but she has a while to go until she’ll be in reception so she’ll be easily up to speed by then.  Her teacher did say her drawing and pencil control was as good as some of the kids about to go into reception which is a year and a term away for Caitlin yet so that was very nice to hear.  I’m convinced she knows her numbers but just refuses to use them…..  If you show her some objects and ask how many there are she will answer correctly every time BUT if you ask her to count them she quite often counts in the wrong order but ends with the right number….



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2 responses to “AA and school reports!

  1. glad the ‘chat’ went well. Numbers are tricky aren’t they! I’ve been making more of an effort w/ Es to count when we’re reading stories. She can now count up to 5 no problem except sometimes when she goes off and counts completely wrong. LOL like this afternoon w/ the duck story. One thing she does do a lot is start w/ the number 2 because I usually start counting by saying 1 and then she counts the rest. So I’ve been trying to stop that but it’s hard to stop!! OK enough of my super long comment. Just glad that all is well.

  2. SCM

    Good news from the school.

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