Today we have been at the new house doing more painting!!  I finished off Caitlin and Noah’s room and aside from fitting the curtain pole (oh and the window!!!) we just have carpet left to do in that room woohooo!!!!

Then it was onto our bedroom.  The wallpaper is almost finished and so while Noah slept (what good timing that was!!!) me and Caitlin did some gloss painting!  Richard thought I was insane for letting Caitlin lose on gloss paint, but she was really careful and only got a few spots on her hand, none on her clothes – which were old scruffy clothes anyway!!


Admittedly she wasn’t perfect at the actual painting and I did have to fill in the very large gaps she left!!  But she didn’t just get it everywhere and she did listen to me saying she could only paint the skirting board and not anything above it!  She even got the hang of scraping her brush off on the edge of the tin when she got more paint….


She also painted about three quarters of the skirting board before getting bored and moving onto helping Richard paste his wall paper!!  Next week we should be able to finish off the painting in our room too and our doors will be back from being dipped (stop laughing at us Linda and any other US readers….:-) !!) so then we can get them carpeted and start the impossible task of moving our huge amount of possessions – that alone could take us a good few months!!!



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2 responses to “Painting…

  1. LOL I’m not laughing (well now I am but not at the dipping part). I just always thought dipping doors was very expensive until you set me straight. Although I’m still convinced that it’s a pretty specialized and expensive thing to do in the US. I don’t envy you all that DIY as I hate hate hate doing it. We just took out the bath tonight and Wal will be putting the bath in tomorrow.

  2. SCM

    Sounds like Caitlin is better at painting than I am. I seem to get it everywhere.
    I like DIY to begin but then get fed up halfway through big jobs.

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